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It wasn’t unexpected, he just wasn’t ready when it happened.  Things had been pinging of his face as long as he had been on two wheels.  It just wasn’t something you wanted to happen or were ready for.  It was just a black dot, then 4 wings, eyes and a long tail and WHAP!  Right on the bridge of the nose.  He was blinded for a second; cross-eyed.  Instinctively he turned and put his chin on his right shoulder and what was left of the dragonfly was torn from his face by the crosswind.  One wing resisted, flapped hard and lost before it disappeared, broken and ruined.

Once at a party a drunk girl had walked up to him, flashed a beautiful smile and then slapped him so hard he wobbled and then walked off giggling.  This was that moment ago.  The dragonfly had beautiful faceted eyes.  It flashed before his eyes just long enough to recognize before it before it hit and ran.  Thank God he had bought those cheap safety glasses.  Good sense told him to pull over, wipe off and let the sting fade but somewhere inside he couldn’t do it.  It was defeat to pull over and pussy-out on the insect’s terms.  Eyes still watering he decided to ride to the next exit before pulling over.

Ahead he saw an overpass and decided to go another before he’d pull off.



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