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Feeling Better About Meself!

Whenever I start feeling like my life is overwhelming, that things are just impossibly busy and I’m just being rushed along without time to really enjoy myself I take a moment and I cruise motorcycle forums.  As an activity I know that some of  you are saying, “Ick! How can that be relaxing?”  Allow me a moment and I’ll cast the headlight of knowledge down that dark road.

First, in motorcycle forums you’ll find like minded people, some of whom make some pretty good points and weave a fine tale.  Often you can learn something you didn’t know–but beware of sourcing!  Bike forums can be about as reliable as Wiki information about Justin Bieber or Madonna so remember to evaluate the source.  There’s a large and excellent knowledge base among on line riders but there’s also a lot of bad tradition that is passed off as good practice. Onward.

One of my stress relieving activities is to look for those “How To” threads, the kind that always lead to big arguments involving “experts”.  Take today for example,  I found a perfectly good argument about “How to clean your visor” which in ONE DAY had generated over 61 replies.  There were all sorts of folks on board snapping about chemical compounds in different cleaners, the make up of cloth fibers as opposed to paper pulp products.  OH and adding a scent to a cleaner somehow invalidates the constitution as well as ruining finishes.

It’s positively precious to watch, that’s why I do.  When you think the world is running you over?  Hit the web and you get to realize that your life isn’t overwhelming it’s active and alive!  Think about it!  If you’ve to the time to argue about the effects of petrohydroglycolfructosedingalingalongzide?  You might be a little short on life–if you know what I mean–and my busy life absolutely beats the alternative.

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