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Winter is coming…but first the Fall.

Went out for a ride today.  It was cold but not bitter.  Got rained on but not drenched.  Sun was behind the clouds but peeked out.  

It’s Fall!  When the leaves turn and brightly decorate the landscape–before falling and waiting for the rain to come turn them into a tractionless skin of slime…

It’s Fall!  When it’s warm enough to fool you into wearing almost enough layers…but you talk yourself out of it because–hey, it’s morning and bound to get warmer…but doesn’t.  

It’s Fall!  When the temperature can hit a pretty hard freeze but still reach 45-50 degrees…and you can still find ice in those shady corners in the morning!

It’s Fall!  Keep your head and eyes up and be ready for the worst of winter and the best of an orange spring!

Be Safe!

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