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Growing into it…

Worked the BSU v. Miami (OH) game yesterday for NBC Sports Net.  Was camera 4 which is the cart cam.  You climb up onto a cart, they raise you into the air and then you zip up and down the sideline 10-15 yards ahead of the teams.  Your assignment is to bring quarterbacks onto and off of the field, follow them during passing plays and follow the ball on run plays.

Realistically you spend most of your day watching the QB.  Up close.  Every play…between every play…after every play…you get to know them a little.

BSU has a new QB this year, Joe Southwick.  In his first game leading the offense they scored no offensive touchdowns.  This game was a bit of a make or break proposition.  If he didn’t do well then there would be grumbling and folks would start the “is there another guy” talk.

Let me reiterate:  I spend a good chunk of my game looking at a medium close up of the Quarterback.  I get to watch very closely their ‘vibe’.  Southwick was a tad rattled and nervous to start the game–BUT, after the first touchdown–he started to grow into the job.  You may not have been able to see it but I was.  I watched as the look in his eyes changed from doubt to possibility to confidence to certainty.  He grew up.  There was a movement from maybe to I can.

It was fun to watch.  Sorry if you didn’t get to see it.  I did.


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