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I am a…..Disappointment!

Try this.  Be 50 years old and have a couple of 65 year-olds jump your shit and give you a long, boring lecture about “When you grow up…”  Yeah, it’s like annoying on steroids.

You simply cannot understand how patronizing and offensive it is.  I really am coming to a place where I believe that anyone who took up motorcycling after the age of 50 should be required to have their lips taped shut.  They simply don’t understand (nor do they care to) what riding a motorcycle means.  Coming to riding in midlife is clearly different that learning to ride in your youth.

MidLife riders seem to be unable to capture the exuberant nature of the ride, they fixate on the danger and obsess on the tiniest technical details that truly mean nothing.  By big, big go rounds on the web have always been dudes 60 and older.

God?  Please smite me if I grow into one of those.

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