Ride or Crash?

I’ve written a lot that I believe riders often make the subconscious decision to crash.  They think “everybody crashes”, they ride waiting for the crash, and when an easily survivable event happens they mistake it for “the one that’s out there waiting” and things become a self fulfilling prophecy.  As I watch the Presidential Race I just feel like Romney is a guy tense and waiting for the crash–Obama looks so much more poised and unruffled.  Mitt is approaching the shrill tone the McCain/Pailn did last go round…he’s riding scared…like he expects to crash–it explains all the unneeded inputs and “restarts”.


New Book Off and Running

Yup.  Turns out I already have about 15,000 words in various short pieces.  Am going to sit down and actually sketch this one out more–try and organize it in a way that is interesting and useful.  Subjects will be things that you might not ordinarily find in an education memoir.  Not gonna be a how to fix it or how to be successful.  This is gonna be more of a “This is the way it’s played”.


Should be fun.  

Got Schooled…

Been working a bit on a new book.  Won’t be about motorcycles.  It’s an essay based review of my experiences in education.  Kinda of interesting.  I’ve been teaching 10 years now and the more I look at it the more I realize that most people have this romantic/gauzy vision of what’s going on–or they have this weird “Breakfast Club” vision in their heads…However, above all they have no concept whatsoever what’s entailed in educating children.  

I have kids, I teach kids.  I create curriculum and I create assessments.  I have mentally ill kids and mentally challenged kids and some are simply mental. 

It’s a curious profession.

I have no idea if this thing will ever get published and I might self publish to the web but I think I’m going to enjoy writing it as a cathartic thing–an enema of the soul as it were.