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Mitt Romney: Empty Vessel

Mitt-a-tronic has a problem.  He is an empty vessel.  Rather than define himself he has spent a political career of, what, 14 years simply being whatever it is you want him to be.  Really.  It’s a bit like a prostitute–he’s anything you need or desire.  When he does speak he does it in a manner that allows you the client to hear what you want to hear; he speaks the sweet nothings that we can twist into whatever meaning we wish. His craving is to be desired so he doesn’t want to be anything–unless it’s the thing you want–in which case he’s ready and willing to be it.

Remember that girl in high school?  The one that tried so hard to be wanted?  That was satisfied with your interest?  That just wanted to be desired?


And that’s OK because I believe that in order to make the wide and varying statements of belief that he has and retain his Mormon-ness he honestly doesn’t know what he’s said.  Is he more “Gay rights than Ted Kennedy?”  Yes, if that’s what you want to hear.  Then, like our religion when it comes to the past?  It’s the past–he lets it go and doesn’t want to speak of it.  Latter-day Saints have no idea how to publicly discuss polygamy or blacks and the Priesthood so we simply ignore it.  That is one of the powers that Empty Mitt uses; the ability to openly admit and then openly ignore the past is a beautiful, powerful and dishonest thing.

Mitt has no development of position.  His moves are craven and selfish, sudden and profound, and without conscience.  “Just like me,” he seems to say, “And I’ll be anything you wish.  Words have no meaning and cast no shadow over the present or the future.  What you want me to be now is the thing.”

A bad joke that clearly plays to the fanatic, to the fringe, to the racist?  “Just a little joke.”  How can Governor Romney say that?  Because it’s just words and words have no meaning or staying power.  We have seen the nomination of nothing.  If Mitt wins (and I don’t think he will–he gives Independents like me the creeps) he will disappoint and fail the Republican Party.  Why?  Because in his burning desire to be loved he will choose America over the GOP and he will not do what they believe he will.  In fact, didn’t he just say “Medicare will not change?”

And it won’t.  Paul Ryan ain’t getting all that cost cutting Mitt is against…because they are the exact same cuts Obama wants.  I know, you know, Mitt knows ain’t nothing gonna change–baby boomers are just too angry and vote too dang much.

Because Mitt Romney is a political whore and if elected he’ll play to his new patron:  The Status Quo.  All those things you think he said to you?  Gone like the perfume from your pillow the next day, because Mitt will lay down with somebody else.

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