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Ahhh People

Don’t you love them?  Got done reading another “I ALMOST DIED TODAY!” forum post on a (you guessed it) motorcycle forum.  How close was it?  Did the sizzle of the Reaper’s scythe sear your ear?  Did Death get a firm grip on you and then you shook it loose?   Did you trade paint or leave a little denim/cortech/mesh on someone’s fender?


Wait.  What?

What is your definition of close?   Here’s one that claims to be close…but ain’t:

Did you see it?  Did you feel it?  Me neither.  Now, I will admit that a wide angle lens makes things looks…well, farther way when far  away but it also makes things look CLOSE when they are.  I never felt threatened.  You’re right amigo–that just wasn’t that close.  In fact the video description has the usual disclaimers about “if I hadn’t been paying attention” or “If this was a two lane road” stuff.

IF the Germans had finished on the Western Front instead of the opening a campaign in Russia we would all be speaking German…or at least learning it because it would be the language of England and Europe.

Riders, especially new ones, want everything to be OMG close.  Which it ain’t.   It may be new and different and frightening but it wasn’t close.

Here’s closer to “close”:

Yeah and the guy who posted it admits he was asleep at the wheel.   As a rider you never have a close call unless you’re asleep at the wheel or doing something stupid.  Close calls come by nature when you’re startled and didn’t see it coming.  When it’s over you’re pretty impressed you’re still upright.  Watching a car drift over the line a foot and adjusting to maintain your space cushion isn’t close–that’s just good, heads up riding.

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